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Fob stopped working

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Hello to all reading

I just have a quick question regarding my key fob which has stopped working.It has always been weak and i have had to get within 3 or 4 metres for it work and it has now gave up.The spare key worked and was weak too but i started taking both out with me so i could try either,within 2 days i had lost the spare and i'm now stuck with just the one that doesnt work...I think all my karma is being waged on me in the form of a beautiful car that i always wanted! Any how my question is can i just the battery as a cheap fix instead of tackling the antenna? Not because i dont want to do things right its just the stack of jobs that need doing are like a weight around my neck at the moment and i could do without spending anything as my autobox needs to be serviced at the sweet cost of £1800 so every penny matters right now.I have seen a few videos of people doing it quite easily with a soldering iron and i just need your advice as to whether this is worth trying.I only have one key so you can imagine i dont want to mess it up lol and its the diamond key,which i have noticed not many e60s seem to have

Thanks for any help chaps 

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