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"Please insert Navigation Disc" Cheap repair

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Finally fixed my sat nav after getting the 'ol message "please insert navigation disc" by buying a DVD drive from here : DVD M3.5/8 £14 delivered,took approx 10 days to get here.

Find yourself a suitable tutorial on here or Youtube,then you just need a soldering iron to remove the shield(4 blobs at each corner) on the DVD PCB so you can remove the ribbon cable underneath it then swap over the PCB to the new drive.


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15 hours ago, pidgeonpost said:

Mine behaves perfectly until I'm on a 4-5hr drive when it occasionally spits its dummy out. Must have a look at a video.


That's usually the laser in the DVD getting too hot. Just when you need the Nav to get you to the final destination it starts saying insert DVD. Brilliant, did that to me a couple of critical times. I replaced the whole DVD unit but the repair above is a lot cheaper.

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