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2004 E61 545i 6 speed £2,500

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I’m selling my manual 545i because, as wonderful though it is, it’s just not old school enough for me.


I previously owned an e34 540i/6 touring and after the sale I had withdrawal symptoms. This car came up for sale locally and as i’m a sucker for blue cars with black leather and a manual gearbox a deal was done.


It’s in fantastic condition, the bodywork is very straight with only a couple of door dinks and stone chips on the bonnet. The black leather is in excellent condition, the seats are fully electric with memory function. The car is fitted with a panoramic glass sunroof that is fully functioning and has had a recent repair to fix a leak.


Climate control is fully functioning, all electrics work well including the tailgate wiring which has been repaired.


i bought the car fitted with 6 series 19 inch wheels. The rear tyres were worn so I bought a set of 17’s with good tyres on as a stop gap. The 19’s will come with the car. 


The car drives really well, plenty of power and superb brakes. Clutch feel like it has plenty of life in it. I only drive it 8 miles a day so I have decided to sell and I have a silly weekend car instead and a boring commuter car to keep me going.




I believe that the valve seals need replacing as I noticed a puff of smoke when left idling for a while. I have never noticed it while driving and the car can be used as is but they will probably need replacing at some point. 


There is is an occasional message for the self levelling suspension but the car sits correctly and the ride is fine.


Since changing the wheels I have been getting the puncture warning but pressures are fine.


Full service history but it is due a service soon.


MOT until March 2019










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2 hours ago, GStarrr said:

Nice car! That should sell given its rarity


 It's got 'The big three';


V8; check

Manual; check

Touring; check


Good luck with the sale, someone'll snap it up 'cause that is a billy bargain! :)

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Thanks, i’m hoping it goes easily, I always find pricing difficult. I was really happy with how good the bodywork and interior condition is, it put my e34 to shame.


I don’t know much about the suspension Duncan, I don’t know much about e61’s to be honest! 

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19 hours ago, duncan-uk said:

What suspension do these run?


looking at the ride height in the pics I would hazard a guess it’s SE and not M-Sport. As they usually sit a bit lower if they have sports suspension. 

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Here you go Duncan BE96005. It’s a tricky question re the e39, i’m very impressed with the 545i, a very accomplished car but i don’t know how different it feels to the e39.


You’re welcome to try it out Carl, must be the last model to go with the big V8/manual combo. As for miles, the guy I bought it off did 27k miles in 15 months! 



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It’s quite lively. Much quicker than my 540. Very subtle v8 though, i’d like to hear it more.


I have a TVR Chimaera 5 litre as well which is more fun at lower speeds. That will be my fun car. 

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1 hour ago, MadeinWigan said:



The first person with £2000 can have the car.

Agggghhhh you’re  about 30 min away from me an there’s cash burning a hole in my pocket and it’s a very rare car and it’s a V8 and a manual and the price is right! 

However I’m no fan of the E60/61 especially in SE guise.... 


But, oh I don’t know.... Agggghhhh 


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20 hours ago, Bumbaclut said:

i've never seen one of these before. What a stealth tram! I bet she gets a move on! 


A 545i in SE guise on 17" wheels  is the ultimate wolf in Sheeps clothing.


Sub 6 seconds to 60 and it looks like a boring 520d to the uneducated but instead of aga under the bonnet is a nuclear bomb!


Planting it will make the nose go skywards while the backend hunkers down. 


It can spin its wheels at 60mph in the wet if you are to heavy with the throttle.


Hot hatches try it on but they are easily dispatched.


Porker drivers think twice too. 


As as long as the vital lubricating fluid is kept in check by all the seals, no dramas.

Edited by 535i Andrew

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37 minutes ago, greenelekta said:


What a lot of car for the money, well bought!


To be honest im only really interested in the 6 speed box for my E34 540i V8 but after a bit of research I'm not so sure it's doable....

Edited by boiliebasher

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I’d thought about whether the box would fit an e34 or not.


 My thinking is that at £2k it’s a low risk buy for someone. If you like the car you could invest in replacing the valve seals if they deteriorate further. I’ll have lost money on it but i’m happy with that as i’d Rather that than have it sat unused over winter. It’s a far better car than the price suggests.

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