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Gearbox gremlins

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2 years ago my gearbox stopped working, long story short it was down to a cracked £11 part plastic sleeve of some sort, so a gearbox service and replacement of part later with ZHF oils and bmw original parts, car working fine etc.


Since last year I had the issue of putting car in gear from start up and it would not move automatically like all autos do, just sits on one place until I put foot down.


This then got worse when putting into gear from cold and the gear flipping back to Park.


I would need to start the car and let it run for about 5-10 seconds and maybe rev it a little during that and the car will be fine.


This does not happen everytime on cold start ups.


Now has anyone else had similar issues even after gearbox service etc.

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You need to get the car level and run it up to get the oil warm. 


Select all all gears and back to park and leave engine running.


remove gearbox oil fill plug and oil level should be at the bottom of the fill plug hole. You should have a small dribble of oil run down the casing.


i think exact oil temp range is 35/45 degrees but as long as it’s warm will be ok.


if you google the zf6hp26 oil fill plug it should show you a picture of it ( I’m not very good at explaining!) 

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