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So this has just gone back to BMW after 3 1/2 years of faultless driving and 70k miles.  I am in a hire until the 530e arrives later in September.    Great car,   practical but the 3l straight six is just great,  I average around 42mpg overall but this was still a very rapid and fun car.  Missing it alot!  A few photos when i just got it and a few just before it went back.








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Got my F's confused......

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Very nice. I don't usually like white but it somehow looks great on the 3 series especially with red seats. The guy I bought the wheels for my E92 had a white m sport E92 with red leathers and it looked beautiful, much nicer than my Monaco blue anyway. Do BMW still offer the wonderful 3.0 straight six diesel anymore? I know yours had the later version than mine but it's been a brilliant power plant since it came out in the 90's so would be a shame if not. 

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I think the 3ltr straight six is still in production,  I've had two 3 series with iterations of that engine, an f31 and e90.  It is just a great engine, hard to fault really - just loves the way it pulls and pulls.....

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