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wheel fitment advice

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i am interested in the mv2(style 135) alloy wheels for my e39.

the majority of wheels advertised for sale have been for the e46 model.

will they fit the e39?, would spacers be required? if so how wide?

is there anything else i would need to be aware of when choosing these wheels?

any advice would be much appriciated.


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They'll fit, but as above, you'll need 20-25mm hubcentric spacers that will be 74.1 on the inner and 72.6 on the outer rings


Like these:




However, their offsets may still have them sat in too far as per this: http://felgenkatalog.auto-treff.com - find Style 135 and it shows 47/50 offsets for those off an E46


You need 25 and lower for an E39; So 25-30mm spacers would be needed IMO


However those off an E60 are ET20 (fronts I think), so get 4 of those if you can ;)

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