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stalling isues

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hi everyone

i have had a few stalling issues with the old girl.

driving along she stalled, 

a few days later she did it again.

a few days after that she stalled and went into limp mode or emergency mode as some people might call it.

mechanic scanned and thought it might be gear box related, 

booked in to specialist and they said nothing to do with that

i should mention the car is an automatic by the way.

back to my local garage and they have now noticed the 'air intake pipe' is perishing is letting air by.

this is now changed, did an 80 mile trip today and the car is now faultless.

i wonder if anyone has similar issues or perhaps can suggest what else might require changing/servicing/ 

would be much appreciated as i am selling the car soon and would like to rectify any issues.


(by the way this is not a plug to sell, i will pay the contribution when decided.)


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Leave it now; unless it throws up other issues, just leave it


No point in sinking £££ into it if you're going to sell it soon


Obviously fix anything that needs to be fixed; but leave the rest alone ;) 

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