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Damn alarm!!!

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Hi guys, so this weekend I bought a my second 5 a 2005 530d e61 and the first 12 hours couldn’t of been better, Until the alarm randomly went off at 4 o’clock on a Sunday morning. Went out to it (unlock/lock ) job sorted. Then it happened again 2-3hour later. This time unlocking did nothing, even starting the car didn’t even work, nor did driving it down the street (couldn’t of looked any like a thief lol) 


Finally it just stopped, but after 10mins back again. This time unlocking it worked ..... straight to google.


Two potential culprits, battery or bonnet sensor. Well after work today I went to Halfraud’s for a battery health check and they said it seems to be ok but his device wasn’t working properly and the just before we closed the boot the alarm went off again. 


Lifted the bonnet to see if I could check this sensor as some people said just unplug until you can replace, to find that it already unplugged!!! Either the dealer I bought the car from is having me on or the previous owner has done this as a quick fix before P/X maybe. Either way I’d like to resolve this before Contacting where I got it from as it’s by no means round the corner! 


Anyone potentialy have any other suggestions that might help?? Really don’t want to start to hate this car over something so petty lol 




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