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Car won't start - fuel, pump, relay, other issue?

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Hi all


Just yesterday, the car started without issue.

Today, I went to start it up, turning the key to the on position lights up all the normal lights on the dash.

However, I don't hear the fuel pump, or the relay clicking. When I turn the key, nothing, no sound at all, it doesn't even crank.


Perhaps the issue is with the Clifford alarm? It does appear to be temperamental so maybe the immobiliser has locked me out of the starting system?


I do think this is the issue so how do I disable the damn thing?!


Cheers in advance


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Update - just spoke to the previous owner who also had niggles with the alarm so we both suspect the immobiliser is not going off. 

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It depends on the quality of the alarm install. Most alarms that I have removed it is  very apparent what is done as it stands out from the original wiring. When they are installed the fitter takes the easiest and quickest route.

The feed to the starter solenoid is black/yellow. check under the steering column for the wiring and the alarm unit. If the starter is immobilised the black yellow wire is broken and connected to the control unit. The fuel pump is also probably by passed by the alarm.

If you have a look for the alarm unit in the car you will see that a lot of the alarms can be overcome very easily with basic knowledge. Most are a case of cutting a few circuits in the car and connecting to the alarm control unit.

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Another update - I've had the alarm professionally removed by a local auto electrician.

He told me the immobiliser unit was effed, that was causing the no-start issue.

I am perfectly happy using the key manually (SHOCK, HORROR!), like the good old days :D


Thanks to the M5 newbie for their response.

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