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Is it worth it?

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Happened to my lads Skoda Fabia earlier this year. Worse thing is the insurance co will only try to pay market value for which you’d have no chance finding another as clean as yours!

My lad came out of it ok only because I found him a VRS for less from a mate which needed a little TLC.


The woman who hit his car came back next morning to get hers recovered with some fabulous story of how she was forced off the road by another (she wasn’t....the guy who had helped her out even ripped off the plates so plod couldn’t trace the vehicle owner the same night!). She’d just got her license back after 3years for DUI!

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22 hours ago, J.Sayer said:

That’s so gutting, I’d cry if that happened to my pride and joy!


Gutted, that the ass*hole drove into the parked car in a empty street in the middle of the night. I'm too old for tears.

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1 hour ago, JasonH said:

That is a nightmare. I can't believe how hard the impact must have been.


I guess you'll just have to battle to get something near what it's worth from the insurance then get yourself an F10.


Probably at 50+ mph. The rear o/s brake disc (245mm x 30mm) snapped in half and the front n/s shock broke in half. A job for Arthur Tussick :D

I have seen similar cars on Autotrader and eBay, however mine is (was) in retail condition with better specs and FBMWSH.


I have access to another vehicle and the E61 wasn't my daily drive. The last time I drove it was six weeks ago and hasn't been in my possession for the last three months so I'm not that attached.


There was never intention of selling the car, hence the suspension refresh and paint correction. F10/F11 styling is not my cup of tea and I always wanted a V8 E65, the E61 was a stop-gap. I like F01/02 750/760 .


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