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Grenfell tower documentary on BBC1 today

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Did anyone watch this programme?

I was in tears, those poor people.

The worst thing about it is the government didnt help them on top of it all autherised the cladding and didn't listen to the complaints of residents about serious service issues e.g. power surges, no sprinklers etc.

Makes me so angry that people are treated like this in a country with the world's fifth largest economy.

This so easily could have been avoided if the government did it's job properly



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I didn't watch it; but we recorded it, so will probably catch up with it today


It was horrendous and we all know it shouldn't have happened, hindsight and all that


But please lets leave this on topic and not make it about politics/wars/taxes or how shitty we personally thing the MPs/government is... Feel free to start a separate topic

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That's the second one, there was also one last week.


It's definitely eye opening.  


Not sure if I can call it, but I thought this was a nice touch.  The green heart is part of the logo of the Grenfell United group.



Grenfell tower.jpg

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