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E60 CCC/DVD playing up....

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This might be just the disc (I've yet to check properly) but the DVD is spitting the disc out more often reporting a read error. Now the chances are it's probably the disc and it's more common in the morning when the disc and drive are cool.


But on the off chance it's more likely to be the drive or even the CCC itself then I might need to consider options .... of which I can see 3, near in mind I work in and around the capital and I rely on the twat-nav though in the beemer to be fair, it's hit and miss at the best of times.... :D


1) Replace, same outdated antiquated system with bloody awful satnav system (BM really balls up with this over the years,  ffs go Google please BM). Cheapest option though hardly the best option considering its 12 years old.


2) Replace with CIC, better system, some faffing around and headache but an improvement. Need to buy kit from Lithuania  (if I remember rightly). Might prove challenging and will cost a min of £1k.


3) Find something else completely. There's big moves in the industry towards integrated systems and Android/Google are certainly going the right way helped with applets like WAZE and other systems on the side. But I've not found anything that can fit without a lot of trial and error and taking half the car apart. Does anyone know any different? 


So over to the experts. ....what would be best and are there alternatives? 

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