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BMW 318ti Compact - Retro daily

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So after our ‘ who runs older cars as dailys ‘ I thought I would share my sons …


He is 17 passed his test in October but wasnt really into the small euro box style cars that were about for younger drivers so he piled his savings into running his first car and had an Astra Sri X pack .. nice car, went well but still lacked the individual element as every other car on the road is an Astra so I had a Daytona Violet Compact 318Ti tucked away so after 6mths driving he was able to get it insured so now he is happy …or is he lol .. well he is but he is on the modifying path but give him his due he only like parts that are in keeping with the car .. no ricer junk !


So it went from 16” 5 spokes to a set of staggered M3 Evo Contours .. nice wheel but then he got a set of staggered BBS Rc 41/ 42s .. I think these look quite classy on it .

Next up was a M3 style front lip to the bumper .. it already had the mesh fitted so that just finished it off

Pair of bilsteins for the rear , new upgraded discs and pads too.

Has an AC Schnitzer exhaust with letterbox tail pipe fitted by Andy Everett, nice touch so that stays , nice sound too.

Going forward it has a few chips and a couple of bubbles on rear arch , this will all get done and the roof is getting painted along with a new sunroof seal for the summer shows ..some pics





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All up front and in his name too so he is getting an NCB , initially it was a complete no go from everyone and AVIVA wont look until he was 21 , Admiral, Sheila's Wheels ,Churchill and some randoms would take it on and its not really any worse than insuring a newish Corsa SRi that most around here have,  17" wheels and a decent stereo system declared which was OK  but  engine mods such as manifiold , mapping or chipping is a straight no and if anything happened i guess they would soon be able to check

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good shout ..I didn't know it was there..didn't even think to look....I know it's not one for the concours or originality peeps but I can't actually see him ever selling it ..he seems to want to just keep it and keep working away to keep it top notch 

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