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BMW E34 540i fuel lines

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Hi all long time lurker this forum provided me all the info for an m62 swap I am currently undertaking. 


Recently purchased a 540i as a donor for all the running gear as the body was shagged. The car runs sweet as a nut and has had no expense spared by previous owner (spent £27K since 1999) who only ever took it to BMW partridge for anything it needed (have receipts for every tyre change).


Noticed a Big smell of fuel yesterday in traffic to see a lot of fuel leaking from rear. Looks to be the fuel lines which are royally fucked. 


I have a mint bodied 520i I am dropping the whole running gear into. The question are the fuel lines the same for the V8 and M50 E34's?


The other question is it easy enough to do/worth doing? I will have everything going into the m62 car within the next two weeks. 


That smell all and spray of fuel was very scary. I'd rather get a new set from BMW, but want to confirm if either for the V8 or the M50 ones I will need. 


Any advice or comments appreciated!

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It could be the breathers for the fuel tank which are about £25,00 each (BMW) and  are the same for all engine sizes ... there are two breather lines. 

These also come with the rubber hoses and clamps ...  


 You will need to change the fuel lines and upper dash wiring loom for the 540 items and the shell will need adapting to fit certain 540 items etc .

 It's not easy or cheap to do ...  But a good e34 540 is a lovely old thing.

  Whats wrong the 540 body wise ? normal rot and rust issues ?   




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