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Just wondering if anyone can give me any help with Carly.


I clear all faults on my car, but by the time i get to the motorway the Particle filter message comes up.


I have been reading threads about people having someone to keep clearing faults.


how is this done?  do i need to run diagnostic on app every time the message comes up, and then clear the fault?


or will the fault just pop up?



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Probably makes sense for someone else to drive while you control the app as you're familiar with it. You should just be able to establish connection between the car, adapter and app, and then on the main screen select 'Diagnostics'. These take a minute or two to run, and then the screen will report on faults found. Click on 'Show faults' for details.

The next screen will give more details on the fault, and in the right-hand pane there's a check-box to select to clear the fault. Then click 'Start clear'. The fault remains displayed until you run the diagnostics again at which point it should have disappeared unless it's a hard fault.

You may have to go through the process of clearing each fault then rerunning diags multiple times. I'm no expert, but that's what I do. A couple of screen grabs taken just now. My car has been reporting faulty glow plug on cylinder 1 for 3 years. It still regens though according to Carly.




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Well on the way into work today, i cleared faults as i got onto motorway.


Got car up to 65 in 4th holding around 3000 revs and something started to happen.


Engine seemed to be pulsing slightly, revs felt like they was going up (although rev counter stayed stable) for a few seconds, then back down,

and as the revs seem to go up, the MPG needle was dropping from 50 mpg to 30 mpg.


This happened for about 15 minutes (stopped after ten minutes as as i hit roundabout, then started soon as i got back up to 65mph).


I checked levels using Carly App, soot level has gone down from 78g to 52g , but still states 'Regeneration Requested 8.00'


I got software and lead coming today so hopefully be able to see whats happening.


Anybody seen this before??

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Does anyone know if il be able to do a forced regen if I buy the full Carly app but use my obd2 WiFi dongle.

it allows me to read and clear codes.


only asking as i’d Like to run car over week end so so Carly adaptor would not be back in time 

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