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E60 2006 530D M Sport ignition not turning on.

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Hi all, new to this forum but reaching out for support please.

I have a 2006 E60 530D M Sport which to be honest has sat over the winter months and the battery is knackered, so much so it wouldn't even open the car!! Prior to this it would fire up without issue and no errors.

Bought a new battery and fitted it, used a jump pack hoping to keep the memory settings whilst doing so. After installation I got a 'high voltage loss' on the iDrive screen followed by a yellow steering wheel and padlock. Shortly after I also got a yellow battery light.

Did various tests and using ISTA+ did a ELV reset which has removed the steering wheel padlock, but the only light in the cluster are the handbrake and airbag lights. It is almost like the key is not talking to the immobiliser. Tried the spare key but same result.

Been mentioned to do a DDE/CAS reset, only issue is you need Terminal 15 to activate the process and without the key waking up the ignition it's impossible to do.


Tonight I read somewhere about similar issue and to carry out an EWS reset using INPA. Did this and low and behold she fired into life with no warnings whatsoever. Happy days. Left the car running for 10 mins and decided to try the spare key, mistake!! I'm now back to square one not knowing what to do next mecry.gif

The error codes I've now got are:
CAS A114
Kombi A3B2


if anyone has any ideas it would be much appreciated 

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