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Smoke from engine and yellow engine dash light

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Hi guys,


This is actually an F01 but the same N57 engine so thought I'd ask here if anyone experienced similar...


Driving up the road the other day and started to smell burning. Thought it was the car infront then further along I realised it was coming out of my circulation vents. I pulled over and popped the bonnet and it seems to be coming from the dip stick at the rear of the engine bay (passenger side). Taking the filler cap off showed some smoke coming out of that (white).  Not loads of it but enough to think, is that normal?


I then drove home.  Performance is as normal and no issues.  About 6 miles later the yellow engine dash light came on.  Got home and loaded up ISTA and read the fault codes generated which are as follows:


24CE00 - Hot film air mass meter: ratio of measured to calculated air mass too high



290900 - Air system, air to egr mass flow, plausibility: measured air mass compared with calculated air mass too high.


Does anyone know what the problem may be?  I reset the fault codes and the light went out, yet it comes back on after several miles of runabout.


thanks in advance.

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Sounds like a dud MAF sensor judging by the codes.


Could also be caused by heavy city driving leading to a large build up of particulates and the exhaust never getting hot enough to initiate an active regen. When was the last time you took it for a spirited motorway blast?


To encourage regen you'll need to drive at speeds of over 60mph for at least 30 mins.

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Could be, my treck to work is 11 mile each way and it's mostly traffic.  Last blast of constant 3 hour motorway driving was probably a couple of months back.


How would that explain the smoke coming into the cabin from the engine bay?

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Could be a cracked manifold or something. I'm not all that mechanically minded sorry!

Try posting this in the F10 area - you'll get better coverage from other N57 30d drivers who may have experienced similar symptoms.

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