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Solution Finish Trim Restorer

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Simply WOW! This is the best trim product I've ever used.


Now first of all pence per ml is high, £15 for a 30ml shot. The product info states this is good for 3 cars, I personally think you would get more than 3. It is an american product and american cars are covered in black plastic trims. This is where that figure comes from i reckon.


This the best photo i have as a comparison. Stripped my mirrors to give the trim some much needed attention. i will try and get a 50/50 of the mirror bases when the weather is a bit nicer. 



I have done front and rear bumper strips, which i didn't think were too bad until i applied this stuff. Now they are  BLACK. It also gets rid of any marks/stains on the plastics.

Many other trim products I've used look great when applied but soon look crap again (when dry normally) and often don't actually look black or cover marks,  just shiny.


Obviously this has only just been applied so time will tell how it lasts. if the info is to be believed then 6-8 months for the first application and 12 months for subsequent applications.


Fingers crossed.

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