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P3264 code, e60 530d

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I'm getting this p3264 code intermittently, not long had the car remapped and their saying MAF or O2 sensor, could the remap have brought this on?

I'm going back next week, I just wanted a bit more information regarding likely culprits.

The car doesn't feel that quick and the mpg seems worse.


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if it's like the E39 diesels, if the MAF is faulty, it defaults to a basic setting which might well explain the lack of power etc.

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Unfortunately (unless they've changed scaling for the MAF sensor which doesn't need to be touched) the MAF or 02 sensor can bring this up but with you saying lack of power, it sounds like the MAF may have failed. If there's a member on here local to you they may be able to help you out and let you swap their MAF in to try it out. It would be worth checking for air leaks after the MAF and before the turbo too. If you're sucking in unmetered air anywhere that really won't help. 


In terms of the map causing it, no, a remap won't cause it. A map can push a worn out sensor over the edge if more demand is put on it close to the end of its working life, but you won't actually kill a sensor with a map and if it was incorrectly calibrated in any way (as I say there is no reason for these maps to be touched) the fault would've been evident immediately. 


I've seen this fault code once before and it was the 02 sensor, but the car wasn't lacking in power so I'd be more inclined to look at a MAF fault on yours. The garage may put your car back to standard if you ask them to whilst you're trying to work out what the problem is.

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