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Bluetooth audio?

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Is it possible to buy an aftermarket module to get bluetooth audio to work in my pre-lci M5?  It has an AUX input but I'm happy to lose the changer if it will work?  

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I have that fibre optic adaptor thing, You can have 99 songs per "cd" but can't select them via the I drive wheel.


The bluetooth stopped working because I 'broke' the fibre optic ring circuit, when the cd was no longer in the loop. I got tired of taking half the dash apart trying to fix it. 


I'll replace it with an android headunit when I can.  Good enough for now though. 

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I also have the fibre optic one. 

If you code bluetooth and professional phone you can use the steering wheel controls and dial through the idrive. No phone book or call logs but works good.

Usb, sd card and a2dp. I use amazon music and radio player on my phone and the steering wheel buttons scroll through tracks and radio stations. Doesn't show up on idrive though. 

I use google maps for nav and it mutes audio momentarily while giving turns etc.. 

I toyed with an android head unit but I have a Galaxy note 4 so can watch vids, iptv and do whatever with the audio coming through the car audio. With android I'd have to tether or use some other way of getting data which is too much faffing. 

I put phone in the cradle, plug in charger which  switches bluetooth on automatically, it connects and the radio player loads and runs. 

As the phone is closer to me than the idrive screen I'm not losing much screen size plus I can adjust it to eliminate reflections. 

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