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ncs expert issues

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Hi guys im all setup now, im trying to set tcm checks etc to not active in my kombi module (getting SOS error) i would do it through the TCUM but i dont have that module.


basically i select coderien lessen

read and close netto 

open file with coding tool as ncs dummy never opens it

change what i need to change 

save man file 

go back to ncs expert change to sg codeiren 

execute job and i get an error 


From what i translated its not finding any changes in the man file.


im thinking it maybe my profile not selecting the man file to overwrite with or something similar



any help to get it to write the file to the kombi would be great


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This could potentially be too late. 


Get yourself a copy of PA soft/BMW Scanner off eBay. 


Makes doing this job a piece of cake! Ive just recoded and corrected mileage on a replacement LCM. Literally took 5 mins.

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42 minutes ago, mgs41987 said:

it doesnt work with e60 


Ahhh sorry mate, was replying on my phone didnt see the mention of E60 on the screenshot.

Unfortunately i have zero experience with NCS Expert.

From reading various things on the internet it may be that the memory in the kombi needs 'wiping' or replacing so that the kombi appears as a new uncoded module?

Do a search for UPA-USB. That seems to be the required tool for the job.

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