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540iA transmission grumble

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My 97 540iA has decided to develop a grinding noise when under loading. When you put your foot on the accelerator at cruising speeds there is an awful grinding noise from the transmission. The revs also fluctuate slightly. Once your foot is either lifted off or pressed harder into the pedal the noise stops.
It used to only happen at like 50mph in 5th and 30mph in 4th when the car needed to change gear but its not happening more often in a wider range of speeds and gears.
The best way to grasp what I'm saying is by listening to the video
In the video I have my foot on the pedal maintaining a constant speed which causes grinding. Im lifting my foot off and on to make the grinding more noticeable. Pressing too hard results in the car changing into a lower gear which is what I do in the end of the video.
Thanks for your time




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I would just like to add some closure to this thread


I stopped driving the car after the grumble appeared and got my friend who works in bmw to service the gearbox. He changed the filter and fluid and it has completely transformed the car


No more grumbling and the gearbox is working perfectly. If you have any thoughts on servicing the gearbox of your car I would highly recommend it. The colour of the old fluid convinced me I wasn't wasting my time before I even drove the car !




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