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E90 DSC Incorrect identification number

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Hi Guys

Hope someone can help me.

I have a E90 320d 2007. The ecu got wet and car wouldn't start. so purchased a second hand ecu with cas and key. The case and ecu is from a E91. Installed them and the car starts and drives fine, however a few faults have occurred. I have the DSC Light on, mileage has changed and the steering wheel feels heavy. I have been told that it needs programming with correct vin. 
Can someone point me in the right direction please. 

When i scanned it the code below was shown. Used Ista+ V4.07.22

005E1F - DSC: Control Unit: Incorrect Vehicle Identification number, calibration required.

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My E90 ECU also got damaged, so I did what you did - purchased a secondhand ECU, CAS & Keys from an identical model (same engine/body type/year/gearbox). To remedy everything properly get in touch with Enda at EndTuning - www.endtuning.com. He removes the CAS and reprogrammes it with your correct VIN, so that the mileage/VIN check with the instruments stays the same. This is not DIY stuff with a cable & laptop & cable - Enda knows his stuff.

This will also solve the DSC issue. I'm not sure about the steering, but it's probably all linked.

The only other thing I did was code my own ECU to reflect the Vehicle Order (VO) on my car, not the donor car.

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