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E34 Alpina B10 Bi turbo touring project

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I've been quiet of late on the E34 front as i've A) been very stupid  or B ) made a good move!





Sold my much loved 6 speed M5 last summer. To fund a new E34 project i was offered






And bought this touring?  Its a LHD avus blue 525i or so it was when it left the factory








Take one very crashed/written of Alpina Bi turbo #389 and fit all of its mechanicals into said car above, 



















Its not finished and this all started over 9 years ago.  That where i come in like a mug.   Now i've had this since september just gone and the main stumbling block is the electrics as its a hybrid of M50 M30.  No tourings had M30s from factory let alone with two turbos!! Alot of it is plug and play but........there are some differences. 


So thats my first goal is to get the electrics working as it all should and then sort the mechanicals. Getting the engine to crank over would be a huge start!!  


I'm in need of a body control module as the one i have had died over winter.  I've firstly been getting all the cars normal features to work, so lights, wipers etc. Indicators is proving a problem



Anyhow my main question is this can anyone tell me the type name of this plug on the body loom is? Like X26 etc






Locates in the drivers footwell on LHD but these plugs on RHD cars are behind the glovebox.  Its the white ones that are the problem, one side i have two plugs (M30) and the cars (M50) body loom has 1 plug and to help they are both different sizes.  This can be sorted but i need to identify the plug type so i can check wiring diagrams from both cars and see what needs to bee connected and what won't be.


Any help on this is gratefully recieved. This is wholly into the unknown and not many people have put an M30 into tourings over the years let alone a smashed up bi turbo.  Right now i miss the M5 more than ever as it worked!  Its gone now so i need to re motivate on this pile of bits/shit.   







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Simon, at last we can talk about this car.  I've seen it in the flesh, when done, it's going to be one fantastic tourer.


Anyway, first off which loom is M30 and which is M50? 


You can see here that the M30 535i has three main looms, the front loom, the rear loom and the dash loom.




Here's the M50 main wiring diagram, interstingly the front looms were common to 525i and 535i.






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I also have in front of me a folder containing a genuine BWM electrical trouble shooting manual.  Fortuitously it is dated 1992 and covers both the 525i and 535i.


Am hoping it will prove useful to you.



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10 hours ago, Dongiov said:

 it's going to be one fantastic tourer.







Touring. It's not Rover junk! :-)


I would do a full loom swap from an M30 car. Annoying as I broke a 535i recently. Later cars from around d 1991 went over to an E36 style set up but the Bentley manual with a multitude of wiring diagrams  might help you modify the existing loom.

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Sir Anthony Regents-Park, I see from various E34 brochures that you are right and that BMW did take the Er out and put the Ing in.  But I was referring to the car, not the model, so I used the correct noun to describe the vehicle.  If Simon gets it working, then when he uses it, he is "touring".  Just because BMW don't know the difference between a verb and a noun doesn't mean we should all make the same mistake.  They are German after all, what what.


P.S.  It's cold and wet here and I have nothing better to do than pontificate on this!

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Geoff this shines light!!


I know that this touring is now all M30 front loom, the rear is all M50 still and the middle part of the car is both, i guess thats the dash part.   I've had help on this but said person took the paper with him so rather than pester i'm going to try and do it this way.   It also makes sense that they don't quite work. thanks

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Simon, quite honestly I would love to pop over and give you a hand to help resolve the issues with this project but I am currently working every hour God sends to keep my family fed and covered by a roof. If that changes at all I will let you know asap.

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On 04/04/2018 at 10:35 PM, Bumbaclut said:

I've not touched it over winter, used the big boot for storage!

Snap - my E34 is sort of used for some storage as my garage isn't big enough. Although it is mainly car cleaning stuff, some tools, things to fit to the car and cycling gear. Can also use it as a hiding place for things I haven't told the girlfriend I have bought for the cars.

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Its been a while, as well theres not been much action or love for it to be honest.  The missing a running E34 in my life is strong!


I thought i'd jack it up in the summer, lol this is an update from the last 5-6 months.  Pleased to report its not a rusty scottish looking tea bag under here. On the grass isn't ideal, but that should change soon


not the best picture but the fuel pipes have been replaced so thats one job saved!


Next is mounting the intercooler.  Theres cutting involved here unless you want to buy a "bi turbo" bumper from Alpina for about a million quid


the all important mounting brackets, these are replacements from Alpina as the originals were bent in the accident




The bumper won't mount with the intercooler fitted so you have to make room for it by chopping bumper!



This is most of the cutting to get the bumper to fit properly


bumper fitted, the number plate holder also needs triming, or again you can buy and alpina one for loads.

The bi turbo front spoiler mounts over the whole lot so you can't see any of the cutting.  Its the only real part missing as it was damaged in accident.  Its a £600 bill i need to stump up for, luckily you can still buy them i suppose


My dad had to make a little fiddly part here that was missing*  it connects this pipe to the boost controller ECU. It runs to the inlet manifold 


This is the throttle potentiometer.  Or fly by wire throttle.  I found this in a horrid oily box of bits that came with the car   :roll:   It was a moment i had in the shower when it all twigged.   So the throttle opens and shuts now with this plugged in



Back on the theme of missing parts.  It takes alot of looking sometimes to notice things aren't there.  So the red wire is the live battery feed to the starter motor!  Plus the engine earth strap was missing - this one is a temp one.   

This did bring the car back to life alot.

then come to today!


4 books of main dealer wiring diagrams and a mate who knows how to read them with a volt metre


So some checks with a volt metre revealed the ignition switch is working and the DME or engine ECU was getting power. A good sign. Still no cranking over

This is the starter motor relay, it was missing so i've sourced one and fitted it.  Now the wiring diagrams reveal this is only needed for auto cars, the manual cars don't have a relay.   Our guess is this is fitted for the auto selector switch on the autos so the engine will only start in N or P and not D

Testing again revealed the starter wasnt getting the start signal/volatage to crank. So removed said relay and bridged the wires together aka like a manual like below


Lets give it a try...............................engine cranks over!!! 


This turd may see the road once more, engine hasn't run at a guess in 10 years.  We can smell fuel and checked for spark and have both.

Theres lots unplugged but this is probably the biggest leap forward in my eyes. So the games back on!   Theres no oil, coolant, radiator, intercooler pipes, auxillary belts, exhaust fitted currently so will need to get busy to get it into a postion that will run, signs are promising that it should go

The loves returned for the mutant 





I've dont a bit more alpina wiring in the mean time but forgot to update this

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Some frag picked up today, a 90 litre M5 fuel tank and associated bits.  You won't be driving far with the standard 80 litre tank with the bi turbos thirst! 

And a nice 4 spoke alpina wheel with an e36/e34 boss. The original airbag wheel deployed its airbag and was that nasty BMW 4 spoke effort.    This is much nicer

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So a little, update a vain one but who cares as it helps with the inspiration!




I got this before christmas, my old saloon had the same wheel. Its nice and better than all the shite airbag efforts offered by BMW at the time. (Safety aside!)




I've got a bit less room here so i thought i'll fit the wheels then, i'm not storing another set!







took a long time as every rim was corroded onto the hubs so some violence was needed to remove the old metric rollers, much better?

So onto fitting the front spoiler, this took a long time to get it right, as i didn't have a stencil and there were holes that needed drilling! bit of picture dump here



interesting sticker for a geek, is that the date time said bumper was manufactured i assume











The amount of cutting as seen in older posts is alot on a poor standard bumper.  You could always go to Alpina cap in hand and buy all the specific parts they made for this, I simply don't have that budget and this fits well now





The money shot





I've got a pre facelift grill also. I think this looks better and you have room to fit a front bi turbo badge.  Its more work though and i don't think the wide grill looks to bad now i've seen it in the flesh rather than pictures






Time for a well earned wash i thought yesterday




A bit better, I'll keep going with stuff until my more clever friends arrive and we can sort out why engine is not getting fuel soon. because with fuel it should start! 

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The eagle has landed, my mate runs a BMW specialist BMR. So I've had it recovered here and the guys are going to get this sorted and the engine running. just had to be patient and wait until they had cleared a few big projects out the way.  Its cranking over with spark, but not getting fuel for some reason, pump is working
My old Bi turbo is here so a handy reference for them!  

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