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E34 M5 Leather Recondition

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I've got an E34 M5 with extended Champagne Leather interior. Its in really good order, with no rips or tears etc but its a bit grubby and starting to show its age a bit.


I'm wondering how much you would charge to give it a good clean and reconditioning? Also what would the process be?




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Hi Luke

To be honest a good clean and condition is something we would advise you to do.

Once you have done this, have  a look and see if the cleaning has removed enough discolouration or grime so that you ae happy with it.

You can always send images to sales@bespokeleathering.com for us to have a look and we would be able to give you an idea of how much difference the good deep clean would make.

Champagne is notorious for showing discolouration and while deep cleaning can offer good results, depending on what sort of finish you are after a dye renovation may be the way to go.

Kind regards...BL

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