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E34 525i Exhaust Options

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Seems like the mesh inside my catalytic converter has fallen into pieces and now it makes a funny noise at certain revs, when I move off or accelerate in lower gears.


I was thinking of replacing the cat with a new Klarius unit and then getting a cat-back stainless steel exhaust system from Jetex? Does this sound like a good combo or Jetex may be a bit too boy-racer? It's decently priced at £450 for a complete kit, excluding the cat obviously.


There doesn't seem to be many options when it comes to E34 exhausts, unless you want to pay over £1200 for a Superprint system or £550 just for a Eisenmann backbox?


As far as I know, Klarius is a quite good brand, so it should be a good choice for a catalytic converter and it should last at least 4-5 years? So I just need your help re choosing the best cat and then knowing my options for the exhaust system?




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Have you thought about a custom made exhaust system? I had a manifold back stainless system for my old Clio done at Infinity Exhausts (just off M4 junction 18) for £440 including a decat pipe and a cat back for my Octavia vRS for £300 which I thought was good value. I will be going back to get a complete system for my E34. Their workmanship is top quality and lifetime warranty too. You can have what you want with respect to noise levels, sound type and tips. I have a feeling they do cats as well. Might offer more options for exhausts than the ones you mentioned. 

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I have thought about custom-made exhausts, but didn't think that it would be necessary, as usually there's plenty of choice from different well-known exhaust manufacturers. Infinity Exhausts would be a bit of a distance from London, but I know there's Powerflow Exhausts who also do custom systems, so will need to look into this further.

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