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dog man

E90 325d Force regen fuel heater code

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Hey guys


I'm fairly certain this needs to be replaced in order to allow a forced regeneration  -  have customer's car in, bad glow relay led to blocked dpf so have replaced that but there is also a code for the fuel pre heater. I cant clear it so just like the glow relay error it cancels the force regen. 


Question is can it be bypassed with an inline resistor? would that make the ECU think it's intact? Assuming it's just a broken heater element inside...


Secondly, does this error really prevent the force regeneration sequence? I just need to be as sure as I can be because it's a BMW only part. I'm having to be careful here because customer is moving abroad, money is tight and, well frankly I cant say for sure weather changing this part will then let the regen happen. 


I know you should have no codes for a force regen but I suppose if it still doesnt work after this, he will require a new DPF. 





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The fuel pre-heater doesn't affect DPF regenerations. However if the DPF is so full because the basic original error wasn't detected in time, that in itself will prevent regens. So it throws it's own error code, preventing itself from regenerating. The one way to get around this is to warm the car up as normal, & have someone in the car with you reading & clearing codes constantly. It will start a regen when it's happy, i.e. up to temperature, error codes gone, and travelling above a certain engine speed - 2000rpm is cited as the minimum, but in reality it's more like 1500.

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