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Fan/Heater problem

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2008 BMW 5 series 520d 177bhp 2L




I have a problem with the heater/fan inside the car.  There is plenty of heat from the fan and the lower is very strong..The problem I have is when I turn the heater down to cold, it still blows "warm" air from the blowers.  So when the car is warm there is no way of getting the fan to blow cold air.


Is there any way I can adjust the heater so when the dial is turned down to cold, it is cold air that will come out.


As a side issue my Air Conditioning system is needing topped up with gas.  Would that have anything to do with the cold air problem from the heater.?


Thanks Guys

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Yes a crazy design I've never fully understood. Not only can you request competing temperature setpoints for passenger and driver but then also you can completely contradict all set points with a hot/cold override in the center vents... Whyyyyyyy!!!!:wacko:?


I suppose someone might want a warm car and cooler air blowing in ones face.

Seems odd to me or do most people leave the system in Auto mode?


Personally I use manual settings (named 'Individual') and tweak the centre vent temps in the iDrive as required to roughly track the cooker dials on the dash, normally both set to ~19 most of the year depending on the weather/sun. Pushing the centre of a dial to jump to the iDrive climate settings:

Screen:  4 |----|

Vents:  10 |----------| (weaker than screen) both driver and passenger

Floor:     4 |----| both driver and passenger

Fan tricklng at 1 or 2 mostly or 5 if a frosty start etc. Normally avoid the AC button most of the year.

Often using the air recycle button in traffic when trailing old Diesels vans n busses etc.

Just curious to find out if I'm missing something here.


Edit2: This is interesting if true:





EDIT1: Ah, like this guy also:



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Is the heater adjuster in IDrive not just for the centre vent???


The fan I have the problem  with is the fan that blows up the way to demist the windscreen. It is that fan that I can't get to blow cold air. 

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:oops: Ahh right, it seems we misunderstood your first post, sorry.


As far as I know, there is only one fan blower that is directed to the various vents.

If the AC Snow Flake button with the temp dials set low doesn't produce cool air then the AC may well be faulty (lost it's gas etc.).

But as you can tell, I'm not that familiar with this system. Others may be able to help furher.


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I solved it Guys.  It was in the IDrive.  The centre vent  setting was set at hot. So I re set it for cold and it now works a treat.


thanks for every ones help.


Much appreciated.

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