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8 Hunter alignments £12.50 50 £15 each.

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Kwik-Fit have been fitting Hunter systems and have a tracking maintenance package for £99 where you get up to 8 trackings over 2 years (they said pop in every 3 months to keep an eye on things. Considering they charge £75 for a single and the package is £119 now it is still worth it for a RWD owners. I said I had heard it was £99 so he did it for £100, happy enough with that, 

£12.50 per hunter alignment! :blink: or £15 a pop if you pay full price and take advantage.

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7 hours ago, adamhearn said:

But it's.... Kwik-Fit :blink:

10/10 on observation skills.

They are trained to use it, also using the latest generation, also have a monitor in the waiting room and at the stapleford branch took the time to talk to me. I need considerable suspension overhaul dong in the next year so this is ideal for me, if you want to go to BMW and hand over upwards of £100 for a single alignment feel free :)


I had so much shit with ETS I gave up and looked elsewhere.


I wouldn't have gone near a kwik-fit if it wasn't for the Hunter hawk eye they are rolling out to all branches. I used to deal with Kwik-fit as an on call engineer so  I am aware of the bad rep they have and have come across how bad they do some stuff but this branch (at least) seems to have improved all around.

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