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Refuses To Start

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True story.    Many years ago a local garage received a call from a lady who had purchased a used mini some six months earlier.  When asked what the problem was she replied that it just refused to start.  As her house was only a few hundred yards away, the garage owner,   (a man renowned for his dry wit), decided to walk over himself as they were mega busy.


On turning into the driveway he was met with the previously immaculate mini displaying a hole in one headlight, front bumper hanging off on one side with twigs and leaves in behind it and through the grill, one wiper missing, front wing and door scraped and dented, one wing mirror hanging off, a broken tail light and a hugh dent in the middle of the back bumper.


"I can't understand it" she said.  "It has never done this before. Any idea why it won't start"?      He swifly replied that it was very evident and he knew exactly why.   "IT'S AFRAID"!!!!!!.


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