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Intravee without BMW-radio

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I've been using an Intravee with kca420 and ipod in my '97 E39 for several years. The car has been upgraded with gm3 high, lcm4, mk4, bm54, 16:9 bm and dsp2 from a 2004 X5. So it is basically identical to a late E39.

I just bought another E39 made in 2003. The second one only has an aftermarket radio installed, which is fine for the intended use of the car.

But I'm desperately missing all the comfort function, that the intravee is providing in the other car (comming/leaving home lights, automated folding-mirror, automated unlock, automated turnlights, ....)

I bought a second intravee and hooked it up in the car. I testet the ibus communication with the downloader software - everything is working.

Than I detached the intravee, put it in the '97 and configured everything to my liking. I detached it and put it back in the '03, but none of the configured functions were working.

Putting it back into the '97, I realized that every setting has been reset to default.


How can I get the intravee to do the extra-functionality in the car without the bmw-radio?

Can I use commands via the downloader-software to configure it? If so, is there a command-list or cli or something?

Or can I somehow force it to not reset the settings, when beeing attached to another car?


Thanks in advance



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You should be able to do what you want, i.e. configure in one car and use in another, but you must do a couple of things to get it to work.


First, after configuring in the '97 car, make sure the Intravee power down correctly, don't just unplug it as it won't have saved the info to EEPROM.


Second, when you plug the Intravee into the '03 car it will detect the new VIN and disable the extra features, you will need to re-enable them.  Connect the Intravee to the '03 car's iBus as normal, turn on the ignition (which causes the VIN to be sent on the iBus), now connect your PC and type the command :


enable extras


This will re-enable the extra features as you have configured them in the '97 car.


If you move the Intravee between cars again, you'll have to do the same thing again.


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