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Shaggy dog story

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Lady dog owner is sitting with her Jack Russel in the waiting room at the local vets. Another woman arrives with her Great Dane.


The Great Dane owner says 'What a sweet little dog, I hope he's not got anything serious wrong'?

JR owner says 'No, he's in good health, but I can't keep him any longer because of his bad behaviour so he's going to be put to sleep'.


GD owner, horrified, 'NOOO! Why, does he bite people'?


JR lady says 'No, he doesn't bite, but he's got this awful habit of humping the leg of anyone who visits. Yesterday it was the vicar, and I just can't stand it any more'.


GD lady says 'That's amazing, I've got a similar problem with my Great Dane.  Our post arrives early when I'm still in my nightie. Every time I bend over to pick up the mail the dog always mounts me from behind, and he's a very strong dog'.


JR lady says 'How embarrassing. So are you having yours put down too?


GD lady: 'Oh no, I'm just getting his claws clipped'.

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