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e39 530d auto manual

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so, have converted the car using a manual engine and box, so reverse is connected to the dme

i think i have changed the date in the dme for manual 

for coding, firstly i used PA soft to set manual in IKE and EWS to allow starting

eventually i got round to using NCS to code the SA :

before: 200118804420c5a4x

after:  200018804420c5a4w

this resulted the car in thinking it was a 4 speed auto


so i did the PA soft bit again

eventually i found out the GM code would need re coding too

so went from 


to  58721203(forgot the checksum code atm)

coded to ews then ike

then tried to apply to whole car, it complained a bout a missing module but im fairly certain its not too important to code the whole car?


that didnt turn on the ike display and allowed starting still


but still no reverse lights....

bit confused


My research says that the IKE must know it is manual to send the reverse signal down the bus...



thanks for your help




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The wire to the DME from the reverse light switch is just a pass through for ease of wiring on the production line.

Check that you have the Green/Violet wire fitted that goes from pin 19 of the DDE to pin 25 on X10114 of  the IKE.


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ha, had exactly the same conversation with someone last night that had the same conclusion

thanks, kinda hoped there would be no needed wiring but hey ho

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I converted an E46 330ci to manual and had absolutely everything working except mirror dip in reverse. I found that the wire from the instrument cluster that appeared in all the wiring diagrams for both auto and manual wasn’t actually there. Fitted the wire and Hey Presto!

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