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dog man

F30 IMS Yaw & longitudinal acceleration readings not stable

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Hey guys can anybody help with this one - Have an F30 in (non EDC) which I'm chasing an occasional RPA failure Driving stabilisation fault. 


So far I've found the alternator overcharging which has been fixed (inc new battery, registered) But still very randomly it will throw the same error: RPA failure Driving Stabilisation. 


Looking into live data for the IMS reveals a possible lead - readings for Yaw, lateral and longitudinal acceleration are not stable at a standstill, they're all dancing around. For example longitudinal acceleration fluctuating from 0.18 - 0.46 m/s all while stationary. 


I'm guessing it's the same sensor within the IMS that does all those measurements? The question is firstly does this seem like a likely problem  secondly would coding be able to settle these parameters? I have already tried a IMS reset (procedure you do if IMS is un mounted for repairs or replacement) 


The customer has been elsewhere and was very much ripped off for a replacement IMS (£2000) but the worst part - save from the fault not fixed, is to me the IMS looks secondhand to me! 


One other point to mention is live data for the electric power steering, one parameter (steering angle) is also fluctuating a little, personally I think the IMS may be influencing this since steering angle is calculated from information received by the IMS. 

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