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E28 Head Lights Removal question?

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Right guys, am in the process or replacing the plastic clips that the adjustment levelers use. In this process I am removing the whole light pods on both sides to clean and refurbish. I've hit a stumbling block. It looks like no one has been in here before in 32 years!


Right now three of the eight screws are moving, for the life of me the others are not budging. For 48hours now i have had them soaking in numerous spray liquids such as WD40, Halfords Shock remover and a lovely Polish equivalent and still no joy, Ive broken one large screwdriver already! My palms are starting to blister from pressure on the screw driver and still no joy. 


Any other tips? If i do go at them with an extractor bit the holder clips are coming up on realoem as NLA...whats my options? Has anyone used something off the shelf or similar to replace?

Front view


From the rear, these retaining clips are NLA according to RealOem



Thanks guys in advance...



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Cheers guys, got a mate around with an Impact driver and P3 head...worked a treat! Holders are all out at last!



Next question, about to get the holder cleaned and painted, do these final two holders come apart on the high beam lens side? Im just loathe to put too much pressure on older parts. I have all new alignment clips but keen to retain all the rest of the working parts. Is there a nack to doing it? The captive bolt seems to moulded into the square plastic adjuster. It will make life easier for cleaning and painting.










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