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E9 vs e28...

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I need some advice.. this is a bit of a story so bear with me...


Ok where to start... my ‘daily’ driver is the e28 m535i, dogleg box. It my usual car and basically use it for stomping up and down the a2 in kent a couple of times a week. The rest of the week it just sits around.

have got a better cam on it and a few other bits and bobs so it goes pretty well, occasionally getting a track outing which mostly goes well. My approach mostly being, drive it like you stole it, break it, fix it again but upgrade if you can.


i am lucky enough to have an e9 I am doing up. It’s a csl which I have had for years and clearly now they are going up in value.  With the e9 whilst not a stickler for originality, I don’t want to do anything which cannot be ‘undone’ I had intended to get the E9 engine rebuilt and put a different cam maybe pistons, possibly triple Weber’s. In effect period stuff.


here’s  the quandary. 


Having thought about it and with one eye on cash, I am thinking of putting the e28 m535 engine and box into the e9 and then maybe putting a e39 m54 into the e28


basically I have been quoted 6000 to ‘sort’ the e9 engine into something good power wise but I sort of have it already in my e28...


it it also means I get a six speed box in the e28 for up and down motorway....


views appreciated, would I be fecking up both cars ?





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Ultimately these two are your cars and you can do as you wish however in my experience, modified cars like your two could become do seem to command lower sale prices and take longer to sell, despite often costing much more to modify than a restoration back to standard does.


In mentioning that you are keeping a watch on values, here's an observation to keep in mind for your E9 CSL.....I have been watching E9 prices quite closely over the last 5+ years and CSLs in particular can reach high prices, even restoration project values are shooting up, see the White CSL at ACA that sold for £50K with steel bonnet, non-factory sunroof and was not numbers-matching with regards to engine and chassis. 

The sale price of this car at the most recent  Silverstone auction confused me though - https://www.silverstoneauctions.com/bmw-30csl as I couldn't figure out at first why it sold so low. I have seen this car in the flesh a couple of times and its in great condition so it's non-standard engine must be the reason I think. Ok the full Batmobile dress-up isn't to everyone's taste either but a similar car sold for over £100k not that long ago at another uk auction house, in fact a lesser car albeit numbers-matching sold at the Silverstone Auction in the summer for £77k.


The market for "normal" E9 CS's is more of a level playing field between modified and standard cars but it seems buyers like their CSLs to be as original as possible.


I hope this helps.



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Don't. You will be just making more work for yourself that you do not require, and making the prospect of divorce even more likely.


 With the E9, get yourself a b35 lump and box, better option before you even start, leave the M535 alone. Then if you must make use of the M54, leave it in the car it is in and make use of it



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