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dog man

F30 320d RPA failure and drive stabilisation

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Hey guys haven't been on in a while hope all's well!


Got an 62k F30 in with a bit of a tricky error - RPA and drive stabilisation errors but switching off and on again seems to clear it. 


It has been to another garage who charged nearly £2000 and didn't fix it - they say the ICM was dead. Looks to me like a second hand one has been fitted but thats another story! 


There are so many codes it's as if one silly fault is triggering them. They can all be cleared, nothing stays. 


Most live data looks ok, ABS pump in particular looks ok. 


Only thing that caught my eye was 15.2 v when running.....bit on the high side so possible voltage reg maybe? 


Spotted a post with similar issues that ended up being a dodgy door handle heater and was blowing the ABS fuse - checked that today, fuses all ok. 


Have the car at home so going to try some more testing tommor.


I had the car in before and noticed a fluctuation in the brake pressure sensor reading (built into the ABS pump on these) but this time around it's solid as a rock. 


Any thoughts would be appreciated!



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