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Intravee II into a 1998 E38 with DSP

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Hi all

I have just bought myself a nice 1998 Alpina B12, into which a PO has fitted a GROM system wired into a retro-fitted 16:9 screen. The CD changer is still in the boot, but is not connected up. I would like to throw the GROM in the bin as is it rubbish, and replace with an Intravee II, as it is excellent and I used one in my previous 2002 Alpina B10 and was very pleased with it as an audio source and as a way to improve upon the car's factory settings..

Fitting the intravee into my old B10 was a doddle, as the 3-pin and 6-pin plugs transferred directly from the CD-changer to the Intravee.. However in the B12 I think it is going to be a lot more involved! I'm looking for help on this one....

My existing CD changer has a DIN plug (large black circular connector), a co-ax connector and a three pin connector (of which only two pins have wires. I have read elsewhere that my CD-changer, on a 1998 car, would not be connected on the I-Bus,  which makes sense as there is no 3-pin connection.


does my car even have I-Bus (or an earlier Bus system)? like M-Bus? (under the Alpina badges it's just a breathed on 1998 750i)

how can I connect an intravee into the I-Bus system if there is no I-Bus connector at the CD-changer? Can I just find the three wires somewhere else in the car and tap into to them and route them to the Intravee's three pin plug?

For the audio, as my car has DSP, so I assume I will need to get hold of the DICE DSP adapter to convert the Intravee audio output into a signal useful to the DSP amp. Is that it, or is there another potential issue out there?

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If the GROM works, then the Intravee will too.


You can pick up the power, ground and iBus from anywhere.


Have a look at the wiring to the GROM, there will be all the connections you need there and the chances are that someone has already fitted the correct connectors so they could fit the GROM.


If you have DSP and NOT a BM54 radio, you will need the DSP adaptor, but so will the GROM unless there is a version that has it built in that I'm not aware of.

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thanks Richard, that's good news. I'll spend some time this weekend checking out the wiring to the GROM then. The GROM sits in the front, above the glovebox, so nowhere near the DSP amp, and I have not noticed a DSP converter anywhere, but then again I have not looked in detail




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