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Diesel vs. Petrol

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Diesel or petrol, they're both gonna kill you if you suck in enough of their emissions. I won't buy another diesel, but I'm buggered if I'm going to get rid of it just yet after parting with my hard earned beer tokens.

The Government that persuaded people that diesel was their salvation will be bumping up the road fund licence and tightening the MOT until they force diesels off the road. Then they'll turn their attention to petrol engines.

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20 hours ago, Yokozuna said:

Oh shit! 

He’s been quite for weeks ( the OP I mean!) thanks for opening this can of worms back up....


Ha ha lovin this thread but he’s not biting.....

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1 hour ago, gine39530d said:

looks like Germany and EU follows will ban diesel soon :/


Gin where have you been? 

Ive missed the should I open my door to get in threads and the how do I turn the key to start the car....


you set fire to your 530d yet? ;) 

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My opinion!  :)

And its my opinion so not right or wrong! - just mine! :D


I've never owned a diesel nor wanted one.


Petrol is right, it sounds right, doesn't need forced induction to make usable power, doesn't need 8 gears due to the power band, and isn't killing my kids or me as much as people who choose to run diesel as it is cheap.  Petrol engines are generally simpler, don't eat turbos/swirl flaps, need particulate filters, leak lots, need fuel pump rebuilds...


Diesel is wrong, in passenger vehicles, it gained popularity as it was cheap due to an effort to reduce CO2 and people bought in to it as it was cheap.


People can hide behind the government CO2 reduction to justify saving money but anyone with some sense knew diesel is bad.


Electric cars are hiding the problem, the emissions are shifted and the materials in batteries are nasty stuff.


There is an easy solution but no-one seems to ever mention it!


Population control! - Done.   

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Petrol for me.

Smells nicer and my hands don't get covered in fuel when I'm filling up.

I always seem to get the leaky pump when I fuel the works diesel van!

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14 hours ago, Paddy O'Furniture said:

I always use the disposable gloves that you find next to the pumps in most service stations.

Me too, I hate getting diesel on my hands and in my work I'm sometimes servicing diesel generators 


Don't care what fuel it burns as long as it gets me from A to B. Although i do like the laziness of the diesel, the economy and the power too.

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