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Meguiars Power System polisher - recommendation

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Used this for the first time today and found it to be superb; so wanted to recommend it to those, like me, that have no faith in themselves using a proper rotary polisher :lol:




Bought the red compound pads and yellow polishing pads too and have used Megs Ultimate compound for the first run over and then Autoglym Ultra Deep Shine polish for the polish (I've got this in but not the Megs polish, will buy that and use it next time)


I've only done the boot lid, bonnet and front wings as wanted to practise on large flat surfaces first; it's foolproof as they say!


Used a good polishing cloth to buff both stages and the car is gleaming 8)


Next time we get a good dry spell; I'll give the doors a good go as well as they're full of swirl marks etc

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