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Mashed Potatoes

WinKFP Programming problems

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Error determining ZB number!


I have that burnt into my eyeballs. 


I've tried 2 sets of daten files and I'm still not getting anywhere. I have managed to update the rain/light sensor and the CD changer, I"m just going through module by module (although it won't do the one I'm trying to do most out of all of them - the bluetooth module) but I keep getting error 704 - Error determining the ZB number. Does anyone have any idea what causes this? I"m struggling to find anything out.



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Try this:

Just do the ZUSB update, pick the ecu, enter your VIN, hit back, then hit Prog ZB. Update I think thats what its called!  It'll then come up with a txt box saying Current version 12345. New Version: 23456. Update? Yes or No, I have done this a fw times when doing it the other way I get zb number not recognised.

sorry for late  reply but Im not getting notifications so PM or emails quickest.

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