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PDC front not behaving

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So, my rear PDC work great, turn on, detect objects great etc...

The fronts, I sometimes see a flash of all 4 sensors and all the colour bands, and then nothing, or sometimes just nothing. No errors on idrive, not plugged it in yet but it's not screaming at me.

I've checked front and rear sensors, and all buzz when you put your ear to them, altho rears to my ear seemed louder but coukd just be me.

I did find if i put my finger on one of the front ones and rub, I heard a blip in the car sometimes, which is odd.

I've checked module in wheel well, no water, all looks good to me.

I think bumpers on this were changed to M sport as it's an se originally, so maybe an issue created then?

But seems odd anyhow with no errors.

Any thoughts?


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Just guessing but if you have a global fault with the four fronts then it may be the main connector that couples all four PDC sensors via one plug to the rest of the body


I'm not sure on the E60 but I've removed a bumper on an F10 and the plug had to be disconnected to remove the bumper and it was located on the RHS of the crash bar behind the bumper.


Maybe disconnect and check for moisture

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If you connect your car to INPA you can check each sensor individually, you can then locate the faulty one and replace, its not uncommon for a sensor to start playing up at this time of year in the UK.

I have a faulty one on the rear and currently trying to find out if a LCI will fit my car, only because they are better made and more reliable.

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Hi, I did this, and on one screen I found this, see attached. It's only page that I can see a difference between fronts and rears. 

The front oscillation times for all fronts are low. So this seems to say they are all connected, and all 4 are low in an idle state but why? The rears, in idle state, are all just within green. 







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