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I’ve been trying to retro fit an OBC in my 520i today, and I’ve come across this PPPP error. 


The car car has no check control in the instrument binnacle, but I understood I could still fit one of these. 


Does this mean I have a bad OBC, or do I need to do something else?

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1 hour ago, duncan-uk said:

Do you not need to splice a wire? I seem to recall something like that needed. I followed a how too on here if I recall. 


Yeah Duncan, you have to splice pin 17 and pin 9 to get power, and I’ve done that ok. 


I think this this may be a coding plug issue - but I’m not sure. I’m wondering now if it might be because there’s a fair amount of stuff disconnected at the moment - heater, gearbox switch, windows, air con etc. Probably not, as the instruments still work. 

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There are various write ups on this scattered across the net, but HERE is one.



I'm going to give you a bit of a heads up on this.  I have attempted to fit full OBC in place of a clock twice in my life.  First time was with a 525i, and it went perfectly.  Fiddly job getting it working, but not difficult.  No coding chip required, as the 525i upwards has the higher spec dash.


Second time was with my current 520i.  I tried everything, and could not het it to work.  It's a VERY involved job - you can get a flavour of it in my project thread HERE - all sorts of messing about with coding chips, soldering, wiring - it was a nightmare, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.  I haven't seen or heard of anyone who has done it.


In the end I went with a digital clock / temperature display for a happy life!


Unless you have major skills, I'd leave this one alone. 


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