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Water Leak BMW F10 5 Series 2012

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Hi everyone I'm new to this forum and hoping somebody can help.


I have a BMW f10 2012 m sport and all of a sudden in the last few weeks noticed a puddle of water in the rear nearside footwell, weird as every other footwell is completely dry and no signs of water coming from roof or doors. 


After a friend tried to find the problem for me, we noticed in the engine bulk head that the nearside was filled with water. But we don't understand if this is the problem and if it is how is it travelling into the car and only to the rear footwell under the carpet? Has anyone come across this problem and a resolution to it as it needs resolving quickly. 


Any pictures or ways to resolve the problem would be appreciated thanks in advance

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I believe it is water ingress from the engine bay: there's some kind of weird channel which lets water in to the rear of the car if it fills with gunk/debris/leaves etc.


No doubt someone will be along presently to give you the link.


Anyway - this is a common 5 problem.  Which is a major pain...

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