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Hello And Welcome


I'm a firm believer that somethings are just meant to be and today that philosophy come bouncing into play

much like it did with the Silver Unit ( Butler HQs Original Silver 540i )


Today innocently going to view an E34 with my Poppa ( Carl-E34 ).. 100 + miles from home as you do ;)  on arrival 

I became strongly attached to this diamond in the rough I couldn't help but think with a little :wink: 

Butler HQ love It could make a very special E34 and I truly thought that maybe Butler HQ was its last hope.


Shes defiantly a project make no mistake about that but what else are you gonna do on a cold damp winter weekend ?

before I could pull myself away as in the worlds of the late Marlon Brando the seller made me an offer I couldn't refuse... and a deal was done.


I'll be embarking on this project with one person in mind.




Tomorrow will be the full fat first update with all the great and gory details.


Comments Welcome.


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5 minutes ago, rado16v said:

Well tomorrow has come. Let's see have some details.


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It's been in some field since 2002 .... Stefan will be along soon with the full details :wink:

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On 23/09/2017 at 10:30 PM, boiliebasher said:

Looking forwards to it guys! B)


We are also looking forward to this project, Its nice to have gone for a car for wanting it not because we needed one if that makes sense?



On 25/09/2017 at 6:30 AM, rado16v said:

Well tomorrow has come. Let's see have some details.


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Coming up :wink:


Update One



Well let me introduce Boudica Brocade.




Specification Sheet 




37336612681_224b6094e9_o.pngUntitled SPEC 


The Story


She started life in London from what we can gather she was owned by a club owner in her early years and that is about as much as we can piece together, shes been off the road for most of her life from 2002 till last Monday ( 18/9/17 ) we found out about her existence last Thursday ( 21/9/17 ) and went to view her on the the following Saturday ( 23/9/2017 ) I'd feel in love with her from just the advert... We had a figure in our mind and if we could do a deal we would.


Upon arrival the seller seemed very open and honest he was more of a Jaguar enthusiast and explained that the car come with two other Jaguars in a bulk buy package, We looked around and could see potential but the ECU/Alarm had broken and the gearbox linkage has seized. When we asked the price knowing the new problems found he said the exact figure we had in mind and a deal was done on the basic we would pick it up the next day ( 24/9/2017 ).






I don't trust my regular tow company anymore though letting us down and stranded on a Sunday evening luckily  

a local company was more than happy to get Boudica Brocade back to Butler HQ but by the time we was all back there wasn't much time for progress blogs.






The risk is we brought her without hearing her run :ph34r: which i know isn't advisable .. But this is us right!...:lol:..But seriously we still have the Silver Units power plant if the situation was to go south plus the interior would be worth  75% of what we paid for her and the shell seems very good.shes only covered 124k miles and missed many winters and the seller assured us when it went away it was fully working and I do trust him.


The Morning After















First job was cleaning the drain pipes.








Why this was happening mom set about cleaning the boot out..

Amazingly shes took to the new car very well as she was adamant no more E34s especially ones arriving on low loaders :unsure:








Unfortunately I have no before photos of the boot but you will just have to believe me and let me tell you it was very dirty 

bags of unused paint brushes old jeans and loads of club flyers.... We then went onto conditioning the interior I'm in love with this interior.


























we always clean new residents at Butler HQ before  before the real work start.to get a feel for the car.

We washed her down and mom took a leaf out of forum member ( V8GEE )  book and polished the whole car with pledge then waxed it











Well that's enough for today's update.



Comments Welcome As Always.

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WOW! What a lovely old E34. I can see why you guys absolutely had to buy it, I would have done the same. Looks like a very straight and honest car and we are all looking forwards to the progress B) Good luck guys, and I'm glad another classic is in safe hands B)

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On 26/09/2017 at 9:40 AM, cableguy said:



Great colour combo and very straight. You can't beat an unmolested e34 and in particular one with a V8 up front. ;)


Looking forward to the progress reports.




An unmolested E34 is a lovely thing.. :D



On 26/09/2017 at 7:17 PM, mumbojumbo said:

Agreed, congrats on the purchase. Keep the updates coming


Thanks and many updates to follow I'm sure :D


On 26/09/2017 at 7:23 PM, 740mick said:

Good luck Fellas,i can easily see why you fell in love,looking forward to future updates.




On 27/09/2017 at 4:37 AM, bigrigbri said:

Wish I had room for an E34 project.

Would have to look very long to get one as good as this one though. 

Good luck sir.


Cheers mate.. :D.. I'm always looking at E34s on eBay but something always would come up or the car just didn't connect with us this one jumped off the page at me... Even the issues couldn't deter me.. It was just meant to be I'm sure...


On 27/09/2017 at 4:50 AM, rado16v said:

That's lovely. I look forward to the updates.


Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk




Thanks :D


12 hours ago, boiliebasher said:

WOW! What a lovely old E34. I can see why you guys absolutely had to buy it, I would have done the same. Looks like a very straight and honest car and we are all looking forwards to the progress B) Good luck guys, and I'm glad another classic is in safe hands B)


Thanks and shes sure in safe hands.. Shes a very very good starting point :D


12 hours ago, sharkfan said:

Good save so far; excellent spec of the car and knowing you it will look amazing when you've finished fettling it.


Thanks :D


9 hours ago, paperjams said:

What a find! Interior looks spotless!


We are very lucky and the interior is so nice.. Its scary :lol:


9 hours ago, d_a_n1979 said:

Fantastic project! 8) 


Definitely.... :wink:


6 hours ago, GStarrr said:

awesome find guys! looks like it's well worth saving.


Too good not to save...


5 hours ago, Splondike said:

Nice one guys, a good find that :)


Thanks :D


2 hours ago, MadeinWigan said:

Great find. Well done for saving it.


Thanks :D



:D Thanks for all the supportive comments :D

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Update Two



We have replaced the gearbox selector cable but upon inspection the gearbox fork selector doesn't want to move

so if any automatic gearbox gurus have any idea why this might be happening we are all ears.. :lol:..  like I say its stuck in neutral 

so we are not overly worried but on the same account we are pretty clueless with the automatic boxes we'd be more worried if it was stuck in drive 

because I'd think that would mean what ever happened.. happened when the car was on the move.. But then again is that just our wishful thinking. :lol:



But why we are researching that problem we decided to remove the rear bumper and have a look around the breather pipes needed changing but as luck would have it we have a new set attached to the Silver Units old tank which also has a new sender united fitted.. so the decision was made to drop the whole tank by doing this we could also check the boot floor that hidden by the tank and make sure everything was copacetic.


What greeted us upon removing the bumper..

We are pretty pleased with the area and we couldn't see nothing that couldn't be sorted with a drill wire and stone attachment.




More cobwebs then a cheesy Halloween party...












Old tank and breather pipes.








As I mentioned early when the tanks away its the perfect time to check the boot floor for that horrible brown stuff














We wasn't fazed or shocked by our findings and everything has been ground back to good metal. :lol: 












We need to go over everything again with a finer wire bush and a more nimble stone but at this point we ran out of time

when the metal is clean we will be applying a coat of zinc primer red oxide and the trusted Hammerite in the classic hammered finish

we find the hammered finish is more durable and Id steer clear of the Silver coloured Hammerite.  








The new tank and pipes should be another update tomorrow to conclude this update but I have

to pick up some circle shaped packages :ph34r: all for now..:wink:




Comments Welcome As Always.

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On 29/09/2017 at 8:36 AM, mumbojumbo said:

Nice work. I had the tank off mine last week and it looked exactly the same, especially the breather pipes. 


The backs do take a hammering but anything like that and your winning, the breather pipes do like to rot the main pipes are sound so that's a bonus I guess.  :) 

Edited by Carl-e34

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Update Three



Picked up the circle shaped packages today I wanted these on the car from before she was purchased and on the Monday

I was alerted to them by a friend and fellow Enthusiast  Mr Chase.







They need a refurbishment but for what we paid, and how rare they are, we are very happy with them.

Another good thing happened yesterday, after daily spraying the gearbox selector. The selector is now free and easy.. talking about rare things I realised there aren't many Brocade Red E34s in existence but last night I was alerted to the fact that there many only be two left in the country.I'm not sure how true this is but the person seems to know his Brocade Red I would like to think there is maybe 10 left in this colour.


Comments Welcome As Always.

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21 minutes ago, Blackman said:

Lovely colour and good that you're saving it, but the 540i definitely needs a manual box :) Have you managed to have a look at the sill panels/jacking points? Probably with the skirts on, you can't see much anyway...


I will hold back judgement ... but the sills and jacking points do feel fine ... and the jacking points do work  :ph34r:

 If Stefan needs the manual rush  ... TBL is normally ready to rock n roll :D

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