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Seat swap issues (should of been easy!)

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I'm hoping someone can help me out. 

I've searched high and low but cant find the info I need.


In short my car is pre-lci, heated, basic electric in beige, having hated this colour from day one I purchased yesterday what I was lead to believe black, pre-lci, headed basic electric also.


All fine until it came to the plugs, big yellow is fine but I appear to have a rail of sockets under mine and a small square plug which I suspect if for the heating? 

The replacements dont have this and have a small plug hanging from them which I think is for the occupancy sensor. 

I'm pretty sure Ive been sold a pair of seats which aren't heated but need to confirm this before I send them back to the seller. 

Can someone check from the photos and confirm please. 1st pic is original seats, 2nd is replacement and 3rd is the car loom 




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No different colours and very different gauge of wire too.

The seller has agreed to a refund now anyway its just infuriating I have to waste another 2.5hrs driving and about £25 in diesel to return them 

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A bit late now, but I had the same problem. They were heated seats that you had, the black and white plugs are heating elements, Im in the same boat now. Im missing the smaller plug in the last picture.that powers the module and therefore the heated seats. Your pocture has helped me in wiring that plug.

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