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WANTED: S3.91 or S4.10 188mm diff

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Change of plan because sourcing a 210mm in a decent ratio has been a nightmare.


Im now looking for a 188mm S3.91 or S4.10 from an E30 if anyone has one?




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Change of plan!

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Got let down today - a guy promised me he had a S3.73 in a E28 casing, turns out its in a E34/E32 casing. Annoying.


The price of the diff + additional costs of parts and labour to have it swapped across makes it just as expensive as a S3.62 E46 M3 diff with 40% lock from Hardeman Motorsport. :blink:


Any suggestions guys, would I be better off swapping in a medium case to open up options?

Really not keen on keeping the cruiser spec S3.07



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