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She's got go, whats it worth.

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Hi forum,


Please do not delete this, it’s not a for sale add, I am after some feedback from forum members to get some idea what I should be asking when I sell my M535I as prices vary so wildly.


It’s time to let go, if I’m honest I don’t really get time to use it and my dear old neighbour is now in a rest home and it’s only a matter of time before her house comes up for sale and I lose my storage and the chances of getting similar storage for it will be pretty slim and keeping it on the drive in all weathers is not going to do it any favours and I’m not a great fan of car covers.

My wife’s Jaguar XJ6 needs finishing and with three other cars to look after something needs to give and this is the one that needs to go.


It’s a 1986 M535I auto with 170000 miles under its belt, I have owned it for the last 12 years. I am the fourth owner so low ownership.

The car came with no history when I brought it but in my 12 years of ownership I have built up several folders of history with every receipt spent on anything from a bulb to servicing. All MOTs, tax dics, DVLA photo copies of all information that they held on the car. I even managed to contact the first owner and have the correspondence from him and a photo from the day he picked it up new.


Modern classics this month did a several page spread on this model and they rightly or wrongly have guided the values as:-

Concourse £20,000

Good £12,500

Usable £7,500

Project £3,500


I would class mine between useable and good but if you use the traditional scale of condition 1, 2 or 3 I would say that mine is in-between a 1 and 2 condition.


I suppose a couple of things that mine has against it is that it is cloth sports with auto box not the more desirable manual with leather. This would probably reduce its value a little against a comparable car. However it does have the desirable moon roof.

The car currently sits on its original Metrics which I like but it will come with a set of E34 BBS style wheels, also the private plate that is on the car at the moment will be removed and returned to its original number before I advertise it.


Interior is excellent and the body is really good with the exception of the front drivers wing which is showing signs of some rust  but I do have a brand new one that will go with the car.


Its 31 years old and has some blemishes as expected, it’s not concourse.

What should I be pitching it at?


A couple of photos but there are more on my gallery.


Your comments would be appreciated on suggested value.





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I think those estimates are high against the current reality.


I have a very original, very clean M535i in diamond Schwartz with pearl beige leather which is also an automatic which has covered 98k.


It is rust free and never been welded but unfortunately it is covered in scratches where it has been in storage.


Once it's up together and painted and looking lovely I think a realistic obtainable value for the car is 10k. Despite all the postulating around the M535i lately the market place shows that £10-12 is roughly where it's at for low millage original examples.


Personally millage doesn't bother me a great deal but the investment/appreciating classic set will be bothered.


Conversely I have a lachs silver M535i auto that has covered 226k. It's been stripped back to a shell had new sills, floor, inner wings, rear panel etc. It's had quite a lot of paint and has a crack free dash and very clean black leather interior. It's high millage but there is inches and inches of history showing it's been well looked after. I have sold this one at £4500 which in hind sight and with all the work that's gone into it feels painfully cheap. I believe I could probably achieve £5500 or at a push £6k on this if offering it for sale now.


To my mind that makes yours worth £7500ish plus or minus £500. It's all opinion of course and most importantly who is looking at the time. The impetuous nature of buyers can be startling.


Finally, around January time there was a lovely royal blue m535i manual for sale with cloth on eBay at a very nice looking address locally to me. It had been owned for quite some time and lots of money spent. It was on a buy it now for £6995 I think. It had about 168k on the clock and was a nice looking car. I think it got reduced to £5995 and somebody had messed the seller around in the process before it disappeared from ebay. Although I except January is a crap time to sell, this sounds comparable to yours.


Unfortunately the links to your pictures don't work. Can you repost them.


This is my penny's worth so to speak.





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I don't know the answer, but I am interested.


Some random thoughts. When we bought these cars, ten or twenty years ago, we paid peanuts for them. They were just tools.  I bought mine to commute 150 miles per day on various motorways. The potential purchasers today have different aspirations for their E28s. I think you can under value them. You are selling to a different and much more affluent market. I'm not completely sure what I trying to say here, but if you price it to low you wont appeal to the market.


I think you should pitch it higher rather than lower. Say £15,000 rather than £5,000 and that may be to low. 

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^ sort of get what your saying. I bought mine as it was easier and cheaper to find a tidy m535 than e30 325i sport which is what I fancied. It was a daily driver. 52 miles a day to work. Then up and down the country at weekends. Trips to the supermarket etc. It was also nostalgia in that my dad had one back in the day.


If I was buying now it wouldn't be s daily it would be a toy.



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