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e46 330d manual touring 2000MY

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Going to be putting this up for sale soon once ive cleaned it and hoovered out all the detritus from the kids :roll:


Had this since 2008 and prior to that it was owned by my aunts father from new so a 2 owner family car.


We took it over a 37K and its now on 125k or thereabouts.


Been a reliable work horse and has not let us down - you may have heard me gripe about a weird power delivery that i could never sold ( i threw maf sensors, pressure convertors, Map sensors, fuel pumps, vac hoses etc at it and still no joy. finally the turbo gave up (less than 500 miles ago) so fitting a new one transformed it - goes like it should now!


Basically the PO drove it so gently ( he hadn't clocked the duff maf when we got it) that i think the VNT was sticky and no amount of use would free it off.


rear brake pipes replaced, various bushes replaced as and when, recently aligned, new rear dampers etc


So it has a very full and comprehensive service history hat i can bore any interested party with.


Not a huge spec its cloth and low OBC but black sports leather can be had for £150 - i just never bothered as i rarely drove it.


Bodily its scruffy - one arch has a scrape the other some rust coming through despite being garaged from new until we got it and me regularly cleaning out the arches - there is a stud apparently behind which is where it all starts :roll:


It has various marks and scuffs and some tool keyed it down one side - we took the view it wasn't worth spending money making it pretty seeing as it was my wifes family hack.


So its good and bad - a lowish mileage manual touring with excellent history and provenance but a little dog eared but should be an excellent work horse for years to come.


If you no a good painter it would brush up well i think.


Comes with either 17" hankook ice bear winters on alpina reps or the style 44 7 spoke with goodyear efficent grip both with loads of tread.


Selling as its just not used right now and won't be used much for the foreseeable future so just taking up space


Pictures will follow post clean but asking £1600


PM me if interested.


Pic is it when i got it but current pics can be provided




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make a good all round weapon with some decent suspension and a tidy up, these are underated cars and surprisingly quick with a remap glws.



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Duncan, i'm interested in this mate, pm me your number and i'll give you a call before my night shift tonight bud. 


Or take mine, 07718 153 033  .(Although call me anytime after 10:30, phone is half dead so having to reinstall stock android os on my phone... )





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Hello mate , did this sell?



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On 17/09/2017 at 4:40 PM, duncan-uk said:

It's on a y plate. Annoyingly it was held back as is 9/00 build so could have been a x plate and thus under the old system.



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So £240 a year? Bloody road tax con

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Ok, so insurance due in 2 weeks.


Will take £1200 firm on the summer (original wheels) to see it gone.


PM me your email and i can send pics and details

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Still not got round to advertising or giving it a clean but here are the main details:


It needs a good wash at the moment  but doesn't look too bad really when clean but to be straight with any one considering it, it does have some scuffs and scrapes.


First pic is a few years ago now but still a decent bus and confident mechanically would serve you well. My wife has used it mostly for work hacking up and down the A1 and ferrying the kids about and has been very reliable over the 90k we've had it but we just don't have a need for it currently.


Basically its a 2 owner car  - my aunts father bought it new from Norwich rolls royce - i think it was when RR took over BMW so they did some parallel imports, this was 2001.


At 37k in 2008 we bought it from him and have had it ever since and added anther 90k (need to check the exact figure but its 125ish)


Has a full and comprehensive history - lots of replacement parts as when i got it it had a slight hiccup in the power delivery - no fault codes or real lack of performance just a little glitch in the power delivery that irked me. (as such its had a under floor supply pump, MAF sensor, manifold pressure sensor, software update, pressure convertors, new pipes, re map and then removal to prove a point( it is not currently mapped) finally the turbo stopped boosting  last year so i fitted a new one and guess what? Its transformed seems the VNT was gummed up and was sticking a little in transition giving the glitch - this stacks up as first owner obviously didn't thrash it - MAF was out when i bought it and he hadn't realized!


In addition its had rear shocks, trailing arm bushes, front wishbones a couple of times (they like to wear out on these) new bosch battery last year, new rear brake lines, callipers etc etc

Basically what it needed as and when


Its orient blue with cloth, nothing special spec wise but has been a reliable family wagon and has isofix and cold a/c last i checked!


Its issues are - a scuff on the N/S/R arch, the start of rust on the O/S/R arch -caused (i'm told by my arch rolling mate) by a bolt bmw decided to fit here and they all do it eventually.

Start of some  rust on the cills and rear arch  - cosmetic rather than e28 structural. A key has been dragged down the drivers side and the bumpers have some scuffs too.


Reckon a cash job with a painter wouldn't be too horrendous and it would be pretty smart - i've kind of accepted it wouldn't be mint the way its used so didn't bother to have it painted!

Inside is ok though its been a family car!


Finally it needs two window regulators (about £25) but as its not been me driving i've ignored it and a door check strap as the passenger will shut on you if parked on a slope.


Basically we have three cars and don't need two tourings, wife is happy to use the e39 and off work for at least another year so its just getting no use.


I've made it sound a bit of a shed but it would scrub up and serve someone well. Mechanically its spot on and is a manual 330d with low owners and modest miles compared to most and a heap of history!


Thinking i'd advertise it at £1500 with the original wheels (style 44 with goodyear efficient grips - lots of tread though one slightly feathered (new wishbone bush put the alignment out - now aligned!) but would take £1200 to save reinsuring it.


Attached some pics, the first picture is when we got it, second as it sits today (first picture shows the wheels it will come with) and close ups of the scuffs etc


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