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Rear M535i shock absorber needed

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I have tried the wanted ads and Tim’s with no luck but as a last resort it’s worth a try on here, I need a good used second hand rear shock absorber for a 1986 M535i, the spring pad on one of mine has deteriorated to the point where it may be an MOT failure. I don’t need the spring or top mount, just the shock absorber.

Don’t really want to shell out a whole lot of money as I don’t use the car and the time has come to sell it on. If it was not for this reason I would have replaced the pair with new.

Anyone got one to sell?

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Hi Gary

i have a pair of rear shock absorbers in the boot of my car they came with it 3 years ago I am not entirely sure of condition as never inspected them but they are there and available to sell. What are they worth?

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